The National Association of Companies for the Prevention Implementation, ANEIP, is an employer group of companies specializing in placement of collective protection measures, signage, lighting, etc.

The main activity is associated with the provision of customer service Systematic Management of Occupational Health and Safety.

The activity of the associated companies is based on cooperation with the command structure of contractors and working with the Architect, in particular the Health and Safety Coordinator in the implementation phase of the work, has helped to increase safety and health of workers in the works that have been and are present.

The association’s main aims are to professionalize the prevention of occupational hazards in construction, have an independent entity that serves the interests of the sector to promote and defend the interests of companies in the sector to enterprises in the construction sector, the Administration other associations and agencies.

Beyond prevention services, implementation services to cover both prevention needs assessment, counseling and administrative tasks, such as the implementation of technical solutions, ranging from employee training to management of all types of preventive measures to ensure the effective implementation of Security Plan and the rules of prevention in the workplace.

Among ANEIP members are:

  • Contractors: specialized companies that perform prevention implementation works.
  • Suppliers: companies producing or distributing equipment and supplies related to some of this activity.

In addition to representing its members, the association maintains close partnerships with several entities, which include:

  • business associations,
  • professional groups
  • media and
  • other entities.

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